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Have too much junk laying around?

We can take care of that

Have you called every other junk company in San Diego, finally found someone to come out, but then once they arrived, they had an entire list of things they will not take? Well we want to step in and take what they refuse to haul away.

We will take paint cans (full or empty), used car tires, any E-Waste, lithium batteries, fluorescent lightbulbs, used motor oil, or anything else the other guys won't even look at.

Living on a tight budget?

We have very low rates

$150 - 1/4 Trailer

$300 - Half Trailer

What we can take for you

All Household Hazardous Waste and More


Safely dispose of old paint

We can safely dispose of all your old paint, making sure that nothing contaminates our beautiful city. We make sure that all paint is fully dried and safe for disposal at the landfill.


Put your old electronics to good use

Got old electronics laying around or stuffed in a corner in your garrage? We can safely dispose of them, or put them to good use by donating them to charities or other organizations.


Recycle used car tires

Got new tires for your car, and don't know what to do with the old ones? Or do you just have a pile of tires in your yard? We can either safely dispose of them, or donate them to used tire centers for use by other drivers.

Household Hazardous Waste

We can safely dispose of any fluids or other HHW for you

Do you dread waiting in line at the landfill to dispose of Lithium batteries, Flouerescent bulbs, and other hazardous waste? We can take that off your hands, and safely dispose of that for you to take that stressful item off your To-Do list.

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